Individualized Client Offerings

Personalized evaluatory services focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being driven by a series of DNA analyses, muscle fiber studies, biomarker analyses, psychoanalysis, IQ testing, logic/creativity balance analysis, bone density analysis, along with other factors.

Client-Centered Services & Goals 

Client-Centered Services Through Health Evaluations & Analyses

Understand your personal biology completely through DNA testing, Bio Marker analysis, Metabolic testing among others in order to comprise a Tailored Fitness & Nutrition prognosis.
360° lifestyle transformation by diagnosing a comprehensive WellDASHBeing plan according to your needs
Live according to your biological, personal, and needs in order to maintain a wise existence
Experience the essence of living wisely as your best self with the habits, activities, and lifestyle choices fit best for you.
Optimize your relationships of mind, body and soul through our mindful practices, services, and offerings
The Process 

Step 1

Client will fill out questionnaire in order for experts to get a personal, physical, cognitive, & complete understanding of themselves & their lives

Step 2

Conduct DNA testing including but not limited to: Biomarker analysis, bloodwork, pathological examination, diagnostic evaluation & psychological & physical testing

Step 3

Brham professionals & experts will evaluate & interpret the results of the conducted diagnostic tests

Step 4

Brham experts will curate a complete program of fitness, nutrition, & wellbeing based on the client's test results & what lifestyle changes are optimum according to their physicality & personality

Step 5

At a Brham location, the client will experience their personalized fitness & wellness regime guided by a personal wellbeing instructor

Step 6

Following their experience, the client will be presented the opportunity to join the Brham membership for continued access & guidance with their curated wellbeing routine

Skill Development

The questionnaire also fields questions relating to personal passions, goals, & extracurriculars. Based on their interests, Brham will curate a team of professionals in order to advance the client in their desired field

Personal Styling

The Brham styling team will curate fashion & beautifying processes and applications in order for the client to reach both their personal goals & potential


Personalized evaluation focusing on physical mental and spiritual well-being driven by a series of DNA analyses, muscle fiber testing, biomarker analyses, psychoanalysis along with other factors. The 360-degree review will lead to an individualized and tailor made “Brahm” lifestyle plan that will be backed up by experts and concierge centers in India and Mexico that will recommend products or therapies for individual members based on the above analysis. In addition to physical, biomarker and genetic testing, clients will go through a questionnaire to tell us more about them and their aspirations. Based on this we curate a final schedule and program, not only helping you get in peak physical condition, but also help you achieve your best appearance and life goals.


Having identified our client’s nutrient deficiencies (post DNA analysis, biomarkers, blood test), we will design a personalized menu for each of them. The main goal is to make them obtain all the nutrients they are lacking, boost their immune system and improve their health. We want to identify what hormones or chemicals their bodies are not producing, and based on that deficiency we develop a nutrition plan, including your morning diet.
Hydration is highly important for us early in the morning, since the body spends 7 to 9 hours sleeping without ingesting any water. Based on the results of their analysis this fresh juices in the morning will cover the necessary nutrients they need. As an example, if they are lacking Vitamin C, then we will introduce amla fruit on their diet.

By screening all their biomarkers, DNA results, physical markers, our goal is to help them naturally through food and physical training to become a better version of themselves.
On top of that, customers will get the opportunity to choose whether they receive from us an international menu or one special menu created by using only local foods and products. We are starting in Pune, India but the same will be for our other properties in Goa, Bangalore, Spain, USA, Canada, Dubai and Brazil. And this will be food that enhances their deficiencies, covers whatever they need in terms of vitamins, minerals, trace elements.