Kids Clubs & Special Courses

Brham Kid’s Club offers a holistic & natural approach to youth entertainment. Featuring nature walks, outdoor activities & games, Brham Kid’s Club develops your child’s mental, physical, & spiritual abilities in a comprehensive & healthy way. Creating a space for child development through holistic and natural pathways at each location in order to prioritize the child’s growth, development, & curiosity.  We are actively curating a library of children’s books promoting lessons to further develop the child developmentally, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically

Learning Activities

Building with Blocks

Sensory activities

Attention span activities

Guessing Games

Memory Games

Physical Activities

Climbing sand hills

Beach relay races

Animal walks: Bear, Frog, Crab, Caterpillar, Kangaroo

Carrying stacks of books

Balance on paddle board

Bilateral coordination activities

Motor Skill development

Bicycling, running/racing, jumping, etc

Biodiversity, Environment, & Nature Activities

Nature scavenger hunt

Go on a walk and draw what you see in nature

Lessons about the earth, its resources, its plants, etc

Nature walks

Spiritual Activities

Use resources in nature (leaves, sticks, etc) to create mandalas 

Meditation circles

Gratitude talks