Super Oil


Bribe Your Body

As a melange of naturally-derived oils and plant extracts, Brham Super Oil is a universally versatile & multifunctional solution for everyday necessities.




Whether it’s used as a body oil, a healing treatment, for oral and mucus-membrane hygiene, as hair care or shaving oil or in any other forms, its functionality transcends across all traditional methods. It’s ingredients range from coconut & mustard oil to ground clove & cinnamon extract, all garnered from carefully nurtured and tended crops amongst native Indian vegetation. Among its variety of functions, the oils’ most notable is the ability to yield healing mechanisms suitable for even the most infected wounds. Brham Super Oil is a universal & adaptable emulsion suited for a vast range of both simple and complex applications. Much of the ingredients are proprietarily grown on our farms and the rest have been passionately curated by BT & the team. The wise agricultural practices that embody all Brham products ensure net zero impact on the planet.



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Weight 10 kg