Is a passionate venture that embodies a genuine, organic, healthy lifestyle founded on well-being and ‘wise’ living. Our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure wholesome nutritional values are preserved within each one of our dishes served at The Cedar Oak Café. 

Local Farm-to-Table

Most of our produce is grown on our farms in Goa, Spain, and Mexico. Every ingredient of Cedar Oak Café by Brham is harvested by hand, cleaned & sorted meticulously & hygienically prepared to ensure only the best arrives on your plate. We, at The Cedar Oak Café, strive to procure the finest ingredients necessary to bring out the authentic flavors of every dish.

Feel the taste of the world

Each of our Chefs in every location specializes in cuisines ranging from artisanal, local food to global cuisine. This range includes traditional recipes passed down over ages to the latest fusion foods that are a delight to your dining experience with Cedar Oak Café